World-class Team
World-class Team
The founding members of Regenerative Bio are core talents engaged in biotechnology
and medical fields in Boston.Its core management team comes from top universities such
as Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of California-Berkeley
and Imperial College of technology. The continuous expansion of top talents brings Regenerative
Bio advantages of both technology R&D and business management.
Exclusive AI Technology
Exclusive AI Technology
Regenerative Bio has the world's first AI supercomputing platform for
functional consumer goods - PASS, which has powerful and accurate
computing power that can realize the functions of AI supercomputing,
AI formula and high throughput screening. It can not only improve the
effectiveness and stability of the product in terms of drug delivery,preparation
method and component ratio; But also realize rapid and accurate intelligent
product preparation R&D process, in order to continuously accelerate the
efficiency of product iteration.
Powerful Strategic Cooperation
Powerful Strategic Cooperation
XtalPi, a unicorn in the field of AI drug R&D;METiS, the world's first company to drive drug
preparation development with artificial intelligence;Xbiome, the first AI pharmaceutical company
focusing on intestinal microecology in China;Buchang Pharmar, an A-share listed company, with
absolute advantages in the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular market.